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Product Description:

The Automatic Drill system immediately reacts to changes in the rock. The system monitors the drilling resistance and when the resistance grows it automatically readjusts the drilling parameters. This feature makes the holes straighter and reduces the drill tool wear.

Mode of Drilling Down the Hole Air Hammer
Dimension of Hole 90 dia to 115.0 dia
Depth of Hole Vertica 25 Mtrs
Drill Pipe Size 76.0 m.m. dia
Drill Pipe Length 1.22 Mtrs.
Weight (Approx.) 380 Kgs.
Height of Rig 2800 m.m.
Width of Rig 600 m.m
Rotation Unit 4.5 H.P
R.P.M 0 to 50
Feed Unit 4.5 H.P
Up & Down Force 1250 kgs
Air requirement 10 CM³ at 7 Bar