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Special Features:

1. Stable Drilling capabilities

2. Structural designed for extra rigidity

3. Anchoring arrangement ensures perfect stability during drilling

4. Rotation and winch units provide additional power for faster drilling and rapid withdrawals, longer tool life etc…

Product Description:

Pneumatically operated DTH Drilling Rig capable of Drilling holes Dia90mm to Dia115mm ideally suitable for drilling lead holes for DIAMOND WIRE CUTTING of decorative MARBLE, GRANITE ROCKS etc. The Rig has been specially designed for precision drilling of matching holes and ability to drill holes in both VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL positions. A ball joint is provided at the bottom of the Mast to facilitate Precision alignment for matching holes. The Rig is provided with one spike & two Anchoring Rods & Adjusting screws to maintain perfect rigidity during drilling. Light in weight, machine can be easily dismantled into four SUB-ASSEMBLIES- each weighing not more than 50kgs- thus ensuring easy portability and repositioning.

Mode of Drilling Down the Hole Air Hammer
Hole Diameter 90mm ~ 115mm (3½” ~ 4½”)
Drill Pipe Diameter 76mm ( 3”)
Drill Pipe Length 1.22mtrs. (4ft)
Max. Drilling Depth (Vertical Position) 30mtrs. (100ft) under favorable drilling conditions
Max. Drilling Depth (Horizontal Position) 20mtrs. (65ft) under favorable drilling conditions
Height of Hole From Ground to Centre of Hole : 125mm
Rotary Head (Torque) 1250Nm
Speed 0~60rpm
Feed Force 21.5kN
Total Length (Feed) 2500mm
Travel Length 1300mm
Mounting Structural Frame
Recommended Air Compressor

Working Pressure

7Bar(Min) up to 14Bar (Max)
Free Air Delivery 300CFM (min) up to 450CFM (max)
Transport Length 2650mm (8.7ft)
Transport Width 700mm (2.3ft)
Transport Height 900mm (2.9ft)
Weight approx. 500kg (1,102lb)