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Product Description:

JRD – 120 Wagon Drill, capable for Drilling 90-120mm dia holes to a depth of 36mts. Used in open Cast mines for drilling and blasting purposes. Pneumatic Drifter can be mounted to carry out Drifter Drilling. Mounted on Rugged Box Frame, Fitted on wheels for easy shifting from hole to hole can drill holes from Vertical to Horizontal. The drills are available to handle 76mm dia x 2mtrs. (6 1/2 ft) & 3(10 ft) mts drill pipes.

Special Features:

1. Stable drilling capabilities

2. Structurals designed for extra rigidity

3. Rear wheel swivelable by 90oto prevent movement during toe hole drilling

4. Effectively braked wheels with telescopic adjustable stabilizers in the front, holding the unit firmly

5. Easy maneuverability – both in manual and self-propulsion modes

Mode of Drilling Down the Hole Air Hammer
Hole Diameter 90mm ~ 120mm (3½” ~ 4¾”)
Max. Drilling Depth 36mtrs. (120ft) under favorable drilling conditions
Drill Pipe Diameter 76mm ( 3”)
Drill Pipe Length 3mtrs. (10ft) (optional 2mtrs (6ft))
Rotary Head (Torque) 1250Nm
Speed 0~60rpm
Feed Force 21.5kN
Total Length (Feed) 5000mm
Travel Length 4650mm
Mounting Mounted on Rugged Box Frame, Fitted on wheels with front Wheel drive
Recommended Air Compressor 10.5Bar up to 14Bar Working Pressure / FAD : 450 ~ 500CFM
Transport Length 5000mm (16.4ft)
Transport Width 2040mm (6.7ft)
Transport Height 1050mm (3.5ft)
Weight approx. 1500kg (55,336 lb)