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"SVK Enterprises" is a Private Limited Company, which has got established in 2009. The company, since establishment, is indulged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an extensive range of Rock Drills, Wagon Drills, Slim Drills, Line Drills and Custome Drills. We export our products to all over India.

RockDrill units are equipped with the AutoDrill Automatic Drilling System. One of the most significant advantages of AutomaticDrill is the fact it makes it a lot easier to learn the specifics of drilling process, thus enabling more efficient use of the machinery.

Rock Drilling” has always been an arduous task and in the above context-we take pleasure in introducing “SVK” Rock Drilling Equipments. SVK Rock Drills is a manufacturer of rock drilling equipment, committed to provide the world Drillers with drilling Rig of the highest standards. It is through continuous research and development that we are able to bring our customers the very best that is available to complete the most difficult drilling tasks in the toughest conditions.


"SVK" is a manufacturer of premium rock drilling equipment, committed to providing the worlds drillers with drilling tools of the highest standards.